Lift the Lamp

because all of us can do a little something to lift each other up

Normalizing the Crazy

The new normal is that there is no normal.


Blaming the Media

It is all the media's fault. Except ... what is the media?

Deciding Who Matters

When we all feel stronger—when we all feel like we matter—it's easier to lift each other up.

Ending the ‘Otherizing’

Otherizing comes from nothing good. And it ends up doing nothing good.

Lifting up Kids

What might a good book and a warm blanket mean for a child in need? #BooksAndBlankets

Seeing the Good

What could we achieve if we opened our eyes to what's good instead of focusing on what's bad?

Admitting to Hypocrisy

You are! No, you are! No, you are! Yes, I am.

Taming the Rhetoric

Can't we all just get along?

Bringing Back Compromise

... and then we wonder why nothing gets done.

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