Lift the Lamp

because all of us can do a little something to lift each other up

Lifting the Lamp

Now more than ever, it's time to lift the lamp to everyone so that each of us feels welcome in our world.

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Welcoming New Neighbors

Will we become the persecutors? Or will we welcome refugees as our neighbors?

Saving Our Country

What kind of country do you want to live in? Trumpland? Or the United States of America?

Marching Toward Tomorrow

We can build a better future by lifting each other up. Beginning today. Because we don't have a day to waste.

Demanding We Unite

This is why we will never unite as a country.

Rethinking Inauguration Day

We can rise up and lift each other up on Inauguration Day. Will you join me?

Killing the Monsters

Who among us is willing to climb into someone's skin, walk around in it, and consider his point of view?

Wronging the Wrongs

What would happen if we started wronging the wrongs instead of making a right out of two wrongs?

Rationing the Kindness

What would happen if we made 2017 The Year of Kindness?

Letting It Go

What lessons from 2016 can help us make 2017 a better year?

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